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Airplane Hangars

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Get peace of mind and protect your expensive investment with Longlife Airplane Hangars. Whether you need space for private or commercial aircraft storage, Longlife offers the strongest building solutions at the most economical price. Since our airplane hangars can be engineered to handle over 150 mph hurricane force winds and the heaviest snow conditions, they are considered the most secure structure to shield your planes from the elements. Every building is manufactured with 100% USA made Galvalume steel that is shipped direct to our plant from the steel mill, and comes with a 35 year non-prorated warranty that means your building will be maintenance free.

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Steel Airplane Hangar

Save money for your budget because a steel structure erects faster and uses less material. An arch style steel building airplane hangar can be assembled and erected quickly and easily.

Longlife buildings can save you thousands on construction labor. Their pre-engineered design is completely preformed, predrilled and features a simple bolt together assembly. No cranes or heavy equipment are necessary for the erection of the spans on most models so expensive rentals are avoided. This combined with the easy to read fast-build instruction manuals and detailed plans that are written for the do-it-yourselfer, mean general labor can be used to erect the building eliminating the need for a costly commercial contractor.

The following are some of the many uses Longlife airplane hangars are suited for:

  • Kit Plane Assembly
  • Vintage Flying Museum
  • Aircraft Repair Hangars
  • Fly-In Community Center
  • Airport lounge or restaurant
  • Airport Administration Offices
  • Multiple Airplane Storage Hangar

On public airports where space is limited it is often leased at expensive rates. In these locations, the S-line or P-line models with the straight sides are often used to minimize the land rental cost. However, on private air strips the Q-line is used more often as it provides extra space at a very low cost for vehicle storage, workshop activities and in some cases a small apartment or change room/shower area. Longlife buildings are not only suitable as stand alone hangars but offer the fastest and least expensive way to add on to an existing buildings even if different type of construction.

Several different door systems are available with your hangar building to suit your specific need s or personal preference. Bi-fold doors that open up by folding horizontally at midsection and protrude on the exterior of the building are easily adapted to any of the hangar models. Hydro swing or single section hydraulic doors that open up horizontally into the building are often use where overhead space is not an issue. Both hydro swing and bi-fold doors are sourced from outside vendors as a courtesy to our customers only recommended for applications where electricity is available and consistent. The factory manufactures bi-parting sliding hangar doors in Galvalume steel framed in heavy duty 12 and 14 gauges for durable trouble free operation. In addition to being the best maintenance free system, these doors are usually the least expensive and best suited for large openings and areas without consistent electric supply.

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