The factory that supplies arch buildings to Longlife has been manufacturing quality arch buildings for over 30 years. Every building is precision manufactured under tight quality controls with only the finest grade steel. With gold star customer service from order entry through to delivery and construction our customers know we are the steel building supplier they can rely on.


Whether you are building a hobby workshop, metal garage, a commercial roof system or a custom industrial application the factory’s engineers can meet the task. They can custom design most of our models to fit exactly on a preexisting concrete slab or attach to different industrial site conditions. Building systems have been designed for existing concrete walls, attaching a building to a rooftop, ship or barge, or even covering a winding conveyor system. Every building is shipped with factory CAD (Computer Aided Design) generated drawings for simple assembly.


Every Longlife steel building is manufactured with Galvalume® Steel shipped directly from the steel mills. The Galvalume® coating on the steel is a patented alloy consisting of aluminum, zinc and silicon and offers the best corrosion protection available today for building applications. We back every arch building with a 35 year warranty against rust perforations. A Longlife structure will give you years of maintenance free service requiring virtually no upkeep.

Spice up your building with a little color if you wish as Longlife residential steel buildings are now available in several Energy Star® approved colors. The paint coatings on Longlife arch buildings are from Akzo Nobel®, include the most durable ceramic pigments and come with a 40 year warranty against chipping, fading or peeling.


The manufacturing plant employs the most modern CAD-CAM software to guarantee every component is precision made. Our highly automated production line, in addition to upholding the highest quality, has reduced man hours per ton of steel dramatically and these savings are passed on to the customer. Electronic and infrared quality control systems constantly monitor the fabrication of the steel panels to verify measurements so everything lines up perfectly at the jobsite.

The factory that Longlife distributes Quonsets for has been inspected and approved for the National Building Code of Canada and has the approved fabricator certificate CAN/CSA A660. Every factory employee is involved in continuous training in ISO 9001 quality control procedures and detailed records are kept of all production inspections. This training has paid off in plant awards for safety and a defect free top quality product for the customer.


From the minute you order an arch building from Longlife, the customer service team is available 24 hours a day to support you. Every customer is given a monitored 24 hour hotline to answer any questions and assist you with construction tips. We never leave a customer or contractor waiting for an answer with a crew in the field, even on weekends and holidays!!

We appreciate your business and value your opinion; our goal is for every customer to have a good, trouble free building experience. Longlife is the metal building distributor you can rely on, and we are with you at every step of the building process. If you have a technical question about an industrial application, product information or if you need immediate pricing call Longlife Steel Buildings at 1-800-551-6854.