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Pre-engineered Steel Quonset Building Construction

Easy do it yourself construction
Longlife Steel Buildings quonset hut kits are designed for do-it-yourself assembly without the added cost or necessity of special tools or an expensive construction crew. Follow the basic steps below and you’ll be proud to see your new metal building standing strong for years to come.


When constructing a foundation for your arch style building, choose a clear, flat area. Then pour a simple floating foundation around the perimeter of the building site. If you have a preexisting concrete wall, foundation, slab or want to attach to other materials, optional attachment adaptors are available.

Metal Building ConstructionAssemble Arches

Start erecting your building by laying the roof and sidewall panels in a row on the ground. Then, simply use the nuts and bolts to bolt the panels together into arch spans on the ground. The polyethylene washers are already prefixed to the bolts to ensure a watertight building. Longlife’s steel building kits use only one size nut and bolt to ensure ease of construction.

Metal Building AssemblyRaise Arches

One by one simply raise each arch up into place. We recommend using a secure scaffolding and rope to pull each arch up from the ground.

Steel Storage BuildingsInstall Endwalls

Once all the arches have been raised, simply install the factory standard prefabricated Galvalume end panels or the optional colored ends as pictured here. You can also substitute your own customized endwall design in place of the factory ends.

Take a look through our Use Gallery to see just some of the uses of our quonset hut style models in different application for garages, storage buildings, offices, barns and workshop buildings built in the past.