Green Steel Building

Green – Sustainable Buildings from Longlife

Green Building which is also referred to as sustainable building involves using construction processes and materials that minimize their impact on the environment. Longlife steel buildings embrace the latest green technology through our selection of raw materials and product features that help reduce the carbon footprint.

Energy Star LogoEnergy Efficient

Longlife Steel Buildings only uses panel coatings that are Energy Star approved. Energy Star requirements are set by the USA Environmental Protection Agency to help consumers identify products that are energy efficient and help protect the environment. The Galvalume® steel used in our buildings exceeds the required solar reflectance Index ratings of 0.65 at installation and 0.5 after 3 years exposed to the weathering. The paint used on the arch and endwall panels is Ceram-A-Star® by Akzo Nobel and incorporates “cool” paint technology. These “Cool Roof” coatings act as a thermal barrier and as a result our buildings use significantly less energy making them more energy efficient.

Renewable ResourcesRenewable Resources

The steel used by Longlife to manufacture our buildings is made from approximately 65% recycled material. Four or five generations from now when the building is at the end of its life cycle, 100% of the steel can be recycled. This adheres to the primary philosophy of “sustainable building” by using renewable resources wherever possible.

Durable and Maintenance FreeDurable and Maintenance Free

The Galvalume steel used in Longlife steel buildings has 7 times the resistance to rust as galvanized steel. It is backed by a 35 year warranty against rust and is virtually maintenance free, health saving time and labor over its years of use. Our buildings do not require the high level of maintenance and do not affect the environment through deterioration like wood and other types of construction. The design of an arch building is pound for pound the most efficient and strongest pre-engineered structure sold today. Longlife steel buildings are built to last!!!!

Solar Power SystemsSolar Power Systems

Longlife steel buildings can easily be fitted with aftermarket solar power generation systems. Whether you intend to use solar panels made from crystalline silicon or a photovoltaic film, both are compatible with our building design.

Environmentally FriendlyFriendly To The Environment

Since Longlife steel buildings are manufactured 100% from steel, there is no formaldehyde, glue, preservatives or other toxic chemicals found in wood construction products that can leach out. This is ideal for maintaining a healthy indoor air quality especially in a newly installed building. The high Energy Star reflectance ratings of Galvalume and the COOL ROOF colors also lessen the impact on the environment by dramatically reducing the urban heat island effect. It is critical that as a society we change the criteria we use in our selection of materials and construction management so that products are made with the environment in mind . At Longlife Steel Buildings we are committed to efficient use of the planet’s resources and preserving the environment for the future.

Building Accessories the $$$ Green Way

The following is a list of some of Longlifes™ green accessories and how they save you money:
  • Wind or Solar powered 12″ turbine ventilators help eliminate stale air and moisture without expensive electric bills
  • Industrial reinforced fiberglass insulation saves on your energy costs by moderating the temperature in hot weather and maintaining a comfortable level in the winter
  • Energy Star rated insulated overhead steel doors may qualify for large tax credits on some residential garages
  • Unlike other companies our Commercial 3×7 man doors have an insulated core to stop energy loss and prevent condensation
  • Hand molded Heavy Duty 2X10 fiberglass skylights naturally brighten your building and in many cases eliminate the need for expensive artificial electric lighting