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Truck Garage Buildings

click here to view image gallery Whether you are a large transport company with a fleet of trucks or an independent operator with one or two rigs, Longlife Truck Garage Buildings can offer you a solution that will successfully meet your design and budget requirements. The all open, 100 % useable space offers versatility for many uses such as truck repair steel garages, equipment storage buildings, truck terminals and more. All steel construction building kits offer maximum durability. Call to speak with a Longlife representative today about your specifications.
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Truck Storage Building

The simple bolt together construction and easy-build plans and drawings that come with your Truck Garage Building means you don’t need an expensive contractor or builder, which is ideal for the do-it-yourselfer. Most models can be easily erected without heavy equipment or special tools so you can save thousands of dollars in hired labor and renting expensive construction equipment.

Since Longlife Steel Buildings are manufactured with US Galvalume steel which comes with a 35 year warranty against rust perforation, they are virtually maintenance free; no painting, treating or coating is required. Call today and let us show you how protect your investment in trucks and equipment in the most durable and economical building sold anywhere.
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Longlife Truck Garage Buildings are ideal for growing truck or equipment repair businesses because they can be easily and economically expanded as your space requirements increase. Since the building design is extremely strong, many companies erect them without ends initially for use as an open area maintenance facility or for immediate shelter out of the weather. Prefabricated factory ends or customized customer supplied ends can be added at a later date if needed. To extend the building in the future, simply unbolt the ends and bolt on additional arch spans to the desired length. Are you looking to add only a single repair bay? Is your building site limited in space? Longlife has models with narrow widths that can accommodate 14′-16′ high doors that can clear any street legal semi-tractor. The P-line or S-line 20′ and 25′ wide truck models can be manufactured with 14×14 commercial overhead or rollup doors that have remote operators for easy access. Start with a 30-34 long building for repairing just the tractor and add the additional length later to pull in the trailer as well. If you are repairing dump trucks, Longlife can save you money!!! When repairing dump trucks, tall center heights often exceeding 20′ are needed to allow the bed of the truck to be fully extended to work on the hydraulics. With other types of buildings, dump truck companies are forced to spend a lot more money on their building to obtain the necessary height, or worse, compromise and build a lower height structure and do the hydraulic repairs out in the harsh weather. Longlife’s high profile models allow higher center heights, ideal for repairing the hydraulics, at a very economical cost. The Q-line 42-21 or 52-25 models are often used for these applications at savings of up to 40% off of conventional masonry or structural building construction.
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