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Questions and Answers

Industrial Building Kit

Does my building come with a warranty?

Yes. All Longlife Arch Buildings are backed by a 35-year warranty right from the factory. With our durable steel panels, tough, corrosion-resistant hardware and precise engineering and excellent customer service, we stand behind our product. The steel garage kits and structural frame buildings warranties vary. Consult your Longlife building representative for the exact coverage on your new steel building.

How will I get my building delivered?

Your new steel building will be delivered with all the components packaged on a semi truck direct from the factory to your building location. A Longlife representative will work with you to arrange a delivery timeline that works best for you. Many garage buildings are actually delivered by the installer.

Can my building be delivered anywhere?

Yes! Your steel building can be delivered direct from the factory to anywhere in the US, Canada and numerous other countries. Longlife’s international export specialists at the factory can provide you with complete ocean freight costs and assist with preparation of all the documentation required.

What materials are used to assemble an arch steel building?

Only a wrench to tighten the bolts, a rope, ladder or safe scaffolding and a few hands are needed to easily assemble your new building!

What about building codes and wind and snow load requirements?

Longlife designs each arch building to comply with local building codes and engineers metal buildings to meet snow and wind load requirements for your location. Upgraded Certified Eversafe garages will be designed to meet the local building codes and stamped engineered drawings for your state are available if needed to assist you in obtaining a permit.

Can I insulate my building and add any accessories?

Yes. Your building can be insulated and there are many options available to fit your needs such as doors, windows and ventilation.

Can I paint my building?

Our all steel buildings are available with colored end wall panels, arches and trim. See our colors here. Or you can customize your building yourself.

How long will it take to assemble my steel building kit?

The arch style buildings are usually assembled in as little as one weekend and have been built with as little as 2 people. You can follow our easy build instructions included with your kit to save time and money or call a local building erector. If you require assistance finding a building erector, we will be happy to help you find one in your area. Most residential garages can be assembled in one to two days.

At longlife we are here to serve you and make your building project trouble free. Please contact us with any questions or special applications that require custom design.