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Metal Building Kits

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Looking for Metal Building Kits to construct a durable metal building workshop with all clear, useable space? Longlife Metal Building Kits are the perfect solution for any backyard shop. These economical Metal Building Kits are available in widths from 14-120′ and any length needed. Pre-engineered metal buildings are ideal for workshops, storage sheds, lawn equipment storage and more.

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Workshop Steel Building

Since there are no interior beams, posts or rafters, you not only have all useable floor space for working on your hobby cars and equipment, but plenty of room for a storage loft space as well. The high sidewalls on Longlife’s P-line and S-line straight-wall Metal Building Kits allow for tall shelves, racks and workbenches right up against the side.

Easily erect a new shop building using our do-it-yourself one size bolt together system. Most of our Metal Building Kits can be erected over a couple days with two or three friends, saving you expensive contractor charges. Simple DIY instructions and drawings that allow for a fast construction are included along with a 35 year warranty on the Galvalume steel. When you buy Metal Building Kits from Longlife steel buildings, they go up fast, are maintenance free and will satisfy all your backyard workshop needs!

There are many different applications your new Metal Building Kit from Longlife can be used for, such as:

  • Workshops
  • Storage Sheds
  • Auto body Shop
  • Backyard Shops

Longlifes’ selection of both models and sizes offer a solution for whatever application you have. In order to determine what size building to order you must carefully consider what the intended application is both today and for the future. If the building is to be used for a small shop with room for just one car, a 16′ or 20′ wide model that is 20′ or 22′ long is typically selected. For a personal shop with 2 car storage, a 25′ wide x 30′ long building allows room for the 2 vehicles and some small shelves and workbenches along the endwalls. If you want workbenches on each side of the building and need to store two vehicles side by side or bulk car storage with 3 cars abreast, then a 30′ wide model should be used.

If you need an economical, durable building for personal automobile repair, hobby car restoration or auto body work, Metal Building Kits from Longlife are the best choice. When using your building for auto repair, you may want to install a lift. If it is a commercial car lift, you should allow at least 12′ clear height for 10′-12′ width of the building’s interior where it is to be located. If only one lift is needed, most people install the lift in the center and use the wall area for their work benches. However, if multiple lifts are required alongside each other across the width or if the lift must be installed at the wall, the straight wall sides of the P-line and S-line models’ can be extended to accommodate this.

Longlife’s Metal Building Kits higher center heights and truss free clear span design saves you money because the height in your building is not wasted by obstructions from rafters like it is in pole barns.

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